Life feels like a lot right now.

That’s because most of us are operating in survival mode.

We’re working our butts off just to meet our basic needs. Figuring out what to cook for dinner, trying to push yourself out the door for some fresh air and exercise, wrangling kids, getting enough rest, juggling work or being out of work, doing all the things we need to do to keep safe from coronavirus.

All of this can mean you don’t have much energy left over for the people or activities that usually bring a little bit of sparkle to your life.

And even when you do notice a glimpse of motivation, many of your usual outlets for pleasure, connection, escapism, creativity and distraction have been temporarily taken away.

The reality of survival mode is frustrating and exhausting, especially when we’re also processing so much loss and uncertainty.

If you do have extra time on your hands at the moment, there also seems to be a sense of pressure that we should be “doing more” or using this time “wisely”. Learning, being creative, DIYi-ing, even tidying messy drawers!

But what if you gave yourself permission to stop pushing yourself to do more?

What if you said that, even just for now, it’s actually a big enough ask to focus on looking after your basic needs?

What if you also gave yourself permission to just feel what you’re feeling, without trying to change it? Even if your emotions don’t quite make sense right now…even if the feelings contradict each other…even if you feel like somebody else has it worse, could you try to let yourself feel what’s there?

Likewise, if feeling all the feels is too much for you right now, could you give yourself permission to distract yourself or step back from your emotions.

Whatever you need to do to be kinder to yourself today, could you give yourself permission to do just that?

Image by Breeana Dunbar Photography.