Sarah Goulding

Pronouns: She/her

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Family Therapist and Supervisor
Bachelor of Social Work, MAASW (Acc. Mental Health) and Graduate Diploma of Family Therapy

sarah goulding

Five words that describe my style as a supervisor:


What is it like to be in a room with me as a supervisor?

I am a gentle and flexible supervisor that has a good understanding of the demands within the clinical role. I aim to provide guidance, support and mentorship for all clinical staff who engage in supervision. I value the ongoing process of learning and critical thinking. I strive to assist supervisees in achieving their professional goals. I am an honest and transparent person who strives to provide helpful, constructive feedback. I welcome an open and collaborative space where problem solving and processing can occur.

I have over 23 years of experience in both the public and private fields, particularly, mental health services. I provide emotional and strategic support to help my supervisees to navigate difficult cases or workplace issues. I strive to enhance supervisees skill sets, offering this through learning, processing, and reflective practice. I value autonomy and growth, guiding the supervisee to make independent decisions, foster professional growth and build confidence in the supervisee’s ability. I understand the importance of advocacy, social justice and equity. I strive to assist supervisees in developing these skills, promoting the wellbeing and rights of clients. I aim to be a role model for new clinical staff in ethical decision-making, ensuring supervisees have the appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding within their respective roles.

Three books that have influenced my work as a psychologist:

by Virginia Satir

‘Corrupting the Young’
by Moshe and Tess Lang

‘The Red Chair’
by Dr. John Webber

Circumstances under which I provide supervision:

  • Supervision for mental health professionals
  • Child protection practitioners
  • Peer support workers
  • Counsellors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Psychiatric nursing staff
  • Secondary consultation within the field of mental health
  • Assistance in becoming an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker,
  • Academic field supervision
  • Social Work placement supervision

Areas that I am happy to provide secondary consults on:

  • Clinical mental health diagnosis
  • Treatment and case work
  • Complex case issues
  • Public mental health systems
  • Private mental health systems
  • Organisational health systems
  • Eating and feeding disorders

Circumstances under which I don’t provide supervision:

  • Supervision related to AHPRA complaints
  • Supervision for court reports
  • Supervision solely for written assessments

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