Rituals can be an important way for you and your partner to prioritise each other and build a sense of meaning in your relationship.

Rituals don’t need to be elaborate or time consuming. They can be small, daily acts that connect couples, but they can of course also be more involved, special celebrations. By building rituals into your relationship, you’re effectively building a “culture” that makes your partnership special and unique.

Some examples of rituals include:

  • How you say goodbye and hello at the end of your work day
  • The way you spend the first and last part of your day together
  • How you prepare and eat meals together
  • What you do to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, milestones or achievements in your life
  • How you spend weekends, time off and holidays

Here are some questions that might help to open up a conversation about rituals in your relationship:

  • What were some of the rituals that were important in your family or community growing up?
  • What sort of rituals do you already have in your relationship? In what way do they help you to feel connected?
  • What are some of the rituals you would ideally like to create with your partner? How do you imagine these might help you to build a sense of meaning in your relationship?

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Image via Annie Spratt from Unsplash.