Relationship Counselling Melbourne

We can help you to feel confident, secure and happy in your relationships

Our relationships with our partner, family, friends, colleagues and other people we come across in our life are incredibly important. Humans are social creatures. Our connection to others is not only key to our survival, but can also have a significant impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

When our relationships are ticking along well we tend to feel supported, accepted, loved, valued and understood. On the flip side when we have ongoing difficulties within our relationships we can end up feeling deflated, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, rejected, abandoned and alone.

It’s normal to experience some ups and downs in relationships from time to time, but if you notice yourself having ongoing difficulties with a particular relationship, or relationships more generally, you might benefit from making an appointment with one of our experienced psychologists.

We help people with a wide range of relationship issues including:

  • Difficulty experiencing genuine connection with others
  • Feeling judged or criticised in relationships
  • Fears about rejection or abandonment
  • Working through past issues that are getting in the way of your current relationships, such as trauma you’ve experienced, childhood events, past breaks or being cheated on
  • Difficulty expressing your needs or opinions in relationships
  • Anger, resentment or conflict issues
  • Lack of confidence in social situations
  • Difficulties with trusting other people
  • Trouble finding a partner that feels like a healthy match
  • Winding up in relationships where your needs aren’t met or you feel controlled
  • Wanting to find a partner, but not knowing where to start, or lacking confidence

We all have particular patterns that seem to repeat themselves in our relationships. Our psychologists will help you to understand more about your own individual relationship patterns. We will work together with you to understand how and why you feel the way you do in relationships. Most importantly, we will use evidence-based techniques to help you to begin to shift unhelpful patterns and build satisfying and meaningful relationships. To book an appointment with one of our experienced psychologists call (03) 9376 1958.

If you are interested in couples counselling, rather than individual sessions with a psychologist, click here to find out more about how we can help.