The coronavirus crisis is creating uncertain and challenging times for us all. Now more than ever we need to look after our mental health. We’ve got plenty of evidence-based, practical resources to help you through.

Free Meditation Sessions

For most of March, April and May we held free weekly mindfulness meditation sessions on Facebook Live. This was a lovely opportunity for us all to slow down and connect together. These recordings are available for you to listen to in your own time below.


Audio Exercises

Take a listen to one of our guided audio exercises. We’ve created a special guided exercise to help with some of the challenges that we’re all facing with COVID-19 right now. We also have mindfulness, breathing and relaxation exercises for you to try.


Helpful Blog Posts

We have a whole bunch of blogs for you to explore. We’ve listed a few of the more relevant ones below:

Find Your Calm During the Storm eBook

Have a flip through our beautiful eBook. It’s called Find Your Calm During the Storm. A pretty bang on name for a book right now, hey?


Image captured by Alexander Sinn.