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We’re looking for standout psychologists, accredited mental health social workers, couples therapists, mental health occupational therapists and GP mental health specialists to join our team.

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Did you know, we also offer clinical supervision?

Here’s a little bit about us

Who we are

We’re an established, thriving and progressive practice. We provide an exceptional working environment, where our practitioners feel valued, part of a community and truly supported.

We take care of our therapists, so that they can take care of their clients.

IMCP has been the perfect place for me to find my feet and begin to thrive in private practice. The entire practice is built around strong shared values and a commitment to both clients’ and team members’ wellbeing. Jacq and the support team work consistently to ensure that I maintain autonomy regarding managing my schedule, choosing the clients I work with and growing my own style of practice while also feeling consistently supported and connected.

For more detailed testimonials from our team, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Theresa Dominguez, Psychologist
psychologist job melbourne

Who we work with

Instead of having our fingers in lots of different pies, we stick to what we do best – providing high quality psychological therapy to adults and couples, and supervision to external psychologists.

We’ll take care of intake for you. That’s one of the key benefits of working within a group practice. We work with you to find the clients best suited to your strengths, knowledge and therapeutic style. You have full autonomy to decide which clients you feel comfortable working with, how you work and when you have space to see new clients.

Both clients and practitioners find our intake process effective, ethical and thoughtful, while our therapists describe their caseloads as diverse and rewarding.

We focus solely on providing therapy. We don’t provide court reports or assessments, or work with third parties such as TAC, Workcover or NDIS.

How we can support you

Private practice can be isolating. By joining a group practice, you can be part of a community and feel supported.

As part of our onboarding process, you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive induction with our Support Team Manager, Misti, who will help you learn the ropes and provide ongoing guidance as you settle in.

  • Monthly check-in sessions with our director for your first three months. These are open, informal sessions covering anything from clinical work, to processes and policies, to self-care.

  • An optional informal buddy system where we match you up with another therapist, so you have a friendly face on the team as you settle in with us.

  • An optional (no-obligation) chat with our clinic accountant to help you get your head around things like GST, superannuation and tax compliance.

Our Support Team

Our Support Team is the heartbeat of our practice, taking care of most (but not all) reception and administration tasks. We often hear that their genuine care, attention to detail and “can-do” attitude makes all the difference to both our therapists and clients.

All of our processes and policies have been given significant consideration and facilitate the smooth running of our practice. Ethics and client-centred decision making are at the core of what we do.

support team

Learning, professional development and collegiality

You’ll experience plenty of in-house opportunities to learn and grow together, as well as support one another, including:

  • Group supervision with supervisors on our team.

  • Facilitated discussions. These are reflective sessions where we unpack a a topic chosen by our team. We’ve covered all sorts of areas including grief and loss, ambivalence in therapy, countertransference and working with shame.

  • Twice yearly workshops with external experts based on areas we’d like to up-skill as a team. Past workshops have included topics like ADHD, sex in therapy, working with clients from LGBTIQIA+ communities and Internal Family Systems Therapy.

  • Team meetings three times a year. These are a chance for us to get together as a group and make important decisions about clinical governance, upcoming learning and improvements within the practice.
  • Occasional Q & A sessions with other relevant people including GPs, psychiatrists, lawyers and our clinic accountant.

  • A Slack group – which is a private, interactive platform where we can share resources, ask each other questions and post pics of our pets!

  • Optional involvement in our peer supervision list, which has been set up so our team can provide each other with on-the-go supervision and debriefing on an as-needs basis.

  • Optional involvement in our supportive counselling program. This involves providing focused, skills based sessions for the clients of therapists on our team who need to take unplanned or extended leave. Our therapists can therefore step back knowing that someone is available to hold space for their clients while they are away.

Social gatherings

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with other people on our team at our book club, mid year pot luck dinner and end of year Christmas lunch.

Our spaces

We love creating beautiful physical spaces for you to see your clients. Our rooms are cosy, welcoming and filled with character. Our therapists and clients tell us they feel a sense of calm wash over them when they arrive in our consulting rooms.

Our reputation and referral network

We are a highly regarded clinic with established referral pathways. We have strong links with GPs, psychiatrists, allied health practitioners and other psychologists.

Our director

Our practice director, Dr Jacqueline Baulch, is a Clinical Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor with 16 years of counselling experience. Jacqueline is hands-on, responsive and dedicated to creating an ethical, innovative and engaging practice.

Here’s what we’re looking for

Psychologists, accredited mental health social workers, couples therapists, mental health occupational therapists and GP mental health specialists with:

  • An openness to feedback and self-reflection, including exploring your own countertransference
  • A capacity to provide stable, reliable and consistent support to clients
  • A passion for mental health and a willingness to “walk the talk”, for example in terms of your own self-care and boundaries
  • A proactive, transparent and collaborative communication style
  • A genuine desire to connect with others and be an active part of a team
  • A demonstrated commitment to individual supervision and ongoing professional development
  • Experience and confidence working independently with a wide range of presenting issues, together with a clear sense of the limits of your competency
  • Strong organisational and written communication skills
  • Eligibility for registration with Medicare (except if you are a couples therapist)
  • The capacity to see clients at least two days a week
  • Access to your own laptop, printer and shredder
  • A current police check
  • Professional and public indemnity insurance.
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Our therapists set their own fees. We’re happy to provide guidance if you’re unsure of what you would like to charge. As a guide, our team charges between $230 and $295 per session, depending on factors like their years of experience and whether the appointment is during business hours.

We do not market ourselves as a bulk-billing clinic, however, accessibility is important to us so you have full autonomy over what you charge your clients. If you feel a client would benefit from a lower fee or bulk-billing, this is always an option.

We have two sets of service fees:

  • For days when you see clients on Telehealth from home, our fee is 35%.
  • For days when you see clients at the clinic (in person or on Telehealth), our fee is 40.5%.

You can set up your schedule to suit your lifestyle, which might mean only working from home, only working from our clinics or a combination of the two.

If you’re a sole trader, superannuation (currently 11%) is arranged on your behalf. If you’re a company, we’re not able to organise superannuation for you. Our arrangement also includes 10% GST, which is typically refunded to you when you complete your compulsory Business Activity Statement.

If numbers aren’t your thing, we get it. We’re happy to walk you through all of the above in detail. If you have any questions we can’t answer, our clinic accountant is on hand to help or speak “accounting speak” to your accountant, so everything makes sense.

We have set up a genuine Independent Contractor arrangement. We don’t restrict where you work outside of our practice. In fact, we encourage and value this because we believe outside influences foster a fresh and innovative team. We also don’t own or access your client files. For ethical reasons we ask you to keep your clinical notes separate from our client software.

When we invite someone onto our team, we do this wholeheartedly. It starts with a detailed conversation in our interviews, as well as a chat with referees to get to know you from another perspective.

Any questions we haven’t answered?
We’re looking for people who are making a conscious and considered decision about joining a team. We love it when applicants are curious about how we do things and clear on what they are looking for. So, if you have any other questions you’d like to ask us, don’t hesitate to email us at

If you think you’d be a good match for our team, we’d love to hear from you!

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Don’t just take our word for it

Read what our practitioners have to say about being part of IMCP.

Since joining the team at IMCP, I have felt deeply supported, encouraged and respected as I finetune my own rhythms, processes and client preferences and boundaries in private practice.  Jacq has not only created beautiful warm spaces which clients regularly comment on, but also a genuinely supportive environment with thoughtful opportunities for collaboration with other practitioners, to build social connection and increase professional development.  The team is multi-disciplinary, enthusiastic, and offer wonderful opportunities for internal referrals because of their diverse skillsets and interests.  The support team also work incredibly hard to understand how individual practitioners work, their processes and ideal clients, and will always approach for further guidance and questions about process or fit when raised by potential clients.  Their warm and boundaried client support, and established referral networks, mean I am able to focus on the practice side with less administrative burden.  And I deeply value the flexibility and autonomy I can have over my calendar, which clients I can take on, when I’m at capacity, and Jacq’s sincere encouragement to discuss any ways to improve client experiences.  Jacq is always looking for ways to provide a more enriching experience for both clients and practitioners and it shows.  I had explored other practice spaces and teams prior to joining IMCP, which had not felt right.  I’m very glad I joined IMCP, and that my positive impression from my first interview with Jacq was so spot on.

Melody Howlett, Couples Therapist

Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology made my transition into working in private practice a seamless one, even during the uncertainty of 2020. Our director, Jacq, runs an ethically-operated practice that prioritises the wellbeing of both clients and psychologists. I truly appreciate that I have plenty of freedom to choose how I want to work, my schedule, the types of clients that I see, client fees etc. This autonomy is balanced with knowing that Jacq is approachable and readily available to touch-base to discuss any issues that may arise. It has also been incredibly valuable to be connected to a diverse team of therapists at different career stages, within a supportive and positive culture. The Slack platform we have allows the team to stay connected outside of social events and professional development events. The seminars, workshops, group supervision, and facilitated discussions on offer mean that I never feel lacking in opportunities to learn and grow as a clinician. Last but not least, we have an incredibly dedicated, responsive, and professional Support Team & Manager helping us with client intake, client matching and allocation, administrative tasks, answering our questions and ensuring the practice runs smoothly every day. I feel very lucky to be part of IMCP, and would definitely recommend it to other therapists looking to join a group practice.

Alice Tsai, Clinical Psychologist

Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology has provided me with an exceptional introduction to private practice and a supportive atmosphere for further cultivating my clinical skills. Since joining the practice in September 2018, I have experienced a comprehensive orientation to the practice which has been made possible through the guidance and knowledge of the support team as well as Jacqueline’s warm, responsive and intentional approach as director. The practice has an extensive referral base and a strong collegial environment to facilitate ongoing team building and professional development. I count myself lucky to be a part of such a wonderful team and would highly recommend this practice to psychologists across the career lifespan who are wanting to expand their clinical practice within a supportive and diverse environment.

Dr Bodhi Weaver, Clinical Psychologist

Having worked in the community sector for the majority of my career in psychology, I was initially very nervous to commence in private practice.  However, since my first meeting with Jacqueline, the Director at Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology (IMCP), I have felt thoroughly supported and encouraged to make this transition.  IMCP has provided me with the perfect balance of having flexibility and autonomy as a clinician, as well as feeling supported by Jacqueline, the Support Team and other clinicians within the team.

I value so many aspects of working at IMCP.  For example, the consultative referral process ensures that clients are referred appropriately based on my skills and strengths, as well as considering the client needs.  I appreciate the warm and calm environment created within the clinic spaces.  We have regular opportunities for professional development, peer support and learning from other’s expertise within the team.  I also feel encouraged to maintain my own well-being by ensuring a work/life balance.  I am so grateful that IMCP has enabled me to experience a smooth and rewarding transition into working within private practice.

Jane Stewart, Psychologist

I love working at Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology. As a relative newbie to private practice when I first joined, I wasn’t too sure if private practice was for me. I was nervous I would miss working in a team environment, would feel isolated and would feel pressure to take on more work than I felt able too. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. Jacqueline has created such an amazing environment where you truly feel like you are a part of a team of likeminded and supportive colleagues, have loads of opportunities for professional development and supervision, and where your work life balance is supported and encouraged. It also helps that the therapy and reception spaces themselves are beautiful and a space I happily sit and read a book or have coffee in between clients. If you are searching for a private practice, I could not recommend IMCP enough!

Courtney Lowther, Clinical Psychologist

I’ve found my work home at IMCP. Jacq and the team provide administrative and clinical support so that I can focus on my consultations with clients. It is important for me to maintain autonomy with my schedule and fees as well as seeing clients within my areas of expertise. I work exclusively using Telehealth. The platform is reliable and easy to use and I still feel connected to the team with frequent online learning and social activities. Jacq and the team are always available to assist and answer any questions. IMCP is a great community of like-minded people and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Dr Sue Baker, GP Specialist in Mental Health and Wellbeing
I couldn’t recommend Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology more highly! I have had a wonderful introduction into the world of private practice with the clinic. Jacqueline and the support team have provided me with everything I need, and have such smooth and established processes that I was able to focus on work with my clients rather than muddling my way through managing my diary, medicare rebates and the like. Jacqueline is a fantastic director and has fostered a warm and welcoming culture at IMCP for clinicians and clients and has been very deliberate in creating beautiful spaces to practice in. I really value that I have control over my diary and the presentations I see, and Jacqueline and the support team are always available to touch base with if I ever have a question or require some support. I feel so lucky to be a part of this wonderful clinic.
Dr Kathleen de Boer, Clinical Psychologist

IMCP is such a safe and inclusive pace, from so many dimensions; the support staff are dedicated, passionate and go the extra mile, the team of practitioners are supportive, vibrant and engaged, and the Director Jacqueline has that unique way of leading that combines experience and expertise, with a real warmth and genuine compassion for others. It’s an absolute treat to work in an environment where you can have the balance of independence, but still feel like part of a team. Jacqueline dedicates extensive resources to supporting collaboration, mentoring, learning and development of the team. IMCP gives you a lot of choice and freedom, trusting you to know what clients you can work with best, with the intention of getting the fit right for you and your clients. The focus at IMCP is very much equally based on quality of client experience as much as it is for quality of practitioner experience = win – win. It’s rare that you find a practice that understands that supported, satisfied practitioners deliver better outcomes for clients, IMCP gets it and definitely puts this into play. I’ve also really enjoyed having a laugh and chat with my colleagues, because Jacqueline really does recruit the best people… maybe that could be you!

Lauren Bradley, Couples Therapist & Sex Therapist

IMCP has been the perfect place for me to find my feet and begin to thrive in private practice. The entire practice is built around strong shared values and a commitment to both clients’ and team members’ wellbeing. Jacq and the support team work consistently to ensure that I maintain autonomy regarding managing my schedule, choosing the clients I work with and growing my own style of practice while also feeling consistently supported and connected. Multiple clients of mine have commented on the way that our support team goes above and beyond to facilitate a positive experience for them, signifying a team that truly cares about the important work they do. Jacq and the support team are very responsive and thoughtfully assist with administrative tasks, giving me more time to focus on my clients and practice. IMCP encompasses a wonderful community of multi-disciplinary therapists with whom I have engaged in varied PD opportunities, met well-matched supervisors, discovered referral options and networked with many like-minded people. As a result, I have been able to continue to meet the requirements of the clinical registrar program and still have time and space to make the most of my early-career years. I think that very few practices achieve the exceptional outcomes and culture that IMCP does. I’ve been very lucky to find such an enriching environment and plan to stay with IMCP for quite some time.

Theresa Dominguez, Clinical Psychologist

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