Dr Emer Mc Dermott

Pronouns: She/her

Clinical Psychologist, board approved supervisor, registrar program principal supervisor (area of practice – clinical psychology)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Geography, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, Masters in Psychological Research Methods, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Emer Mc Dermott psychologist

Five words that describe my style as a supervisor:


What is it like to be in a room with me as a supervisor?

Our roles as therapists can bring up a lot for us both personally and professionally and I aim to create a space that is non-judgemental, honest and supportive. I like to approach supervision sessions with curiosity and empathy and help guide therapists to be reflective and explore their own unique style and achieve their goals.

Three books that have influenced my work as a psychologist:

‘The Body Keeps the Score’
by Bessel Van Der Kolk

‘Lost Connections’
by Johann Hari

‘Why we Sleep’
by Matthew Walker

Circumstances under which I provide supervision:

  • Placements during an accredited higher degree
  • The registrar program leading to area of practice endorsement
  • Supervision for fully registered psychologists
  • Secondary supervision or consults

Circumstances under which I don’t provide supervision:

  • Supervision for the 4 + 2 pathway
  • Supervision related to AHPRA complaints
  • Supervision for court reports
  • Supervision solely for written assessments

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