Courtney Lowther

Pronouns: She/her

Clinical Psychologist, board approved supervisor, registrar program principal supervisor (area of practice – clinical psychologist)
Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Masters of Science in Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Courtney Lowther psychologist

Five words that describe my style as a supervisor:



What is it like to be in a room with me as a supervisor?

Working in psychology or mental health can be rewarding but also challenging at times. In supervision I want you to feel relaxed and safe to reflect on your own practice and openly work through the difficulties that inevitably come up in this work. To do this, I think it’s important to build a connection, be curious about your work and what’s coming up for you, and collaboratively work towards your goals.

Three books that have influenced my work as a psychologist:

‘Psychoanalytic Diagnosis’
by Nancy McWilliams

‘Mindfulness for Two’
by Kelly G. Wilson

‘Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life’
by Spencer Smith and Steven C. Hayes

Circumstances under which I provide supervision:

  • Supervision for fully registered psychologists
  • Supervision for other mental health professionals including social workers,
    counsellors and psychotherapists
  • Secondary supervision or consults
  • Supervision for forensic related issues (e.g., assessment,
    formulation and treatment for offending or harmful behaviours)

Circumstances under which I don’t provide supervision:

  • Supervision for the 4 + 2 pathway
  • Supervision for the 5 + 1 pathway
  • Supervision related to AHPRA complaints

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