Put the Brakes on Couple Conflict with Active Listening Skills

When you notice conflict getting heated, deliberately slow things down by making an effort to genuinely listen to each other. Active listening skills are a powerful (and deceptively simple) way for couples to  turn down the emotional volume of an argument. When it’s your turn to listen, resist acting on [...]

“COVID Reminders” and How They Can Bring Up Some Big Emotions

If you're wondering why you have waves where you suddenly feel bowled over by big emotions, "COVID reminders" might be part of the reason for the sudden shift. Think of COVID reminders like triggers. They're anything that reminds you that you're living in a pandemic. They can be subtle or [...]

Some of the Ways COVID Makes Life Feel Contradictory

For many of us living in Victoria, particularly Melbourne, reality right now is messy and confusing. Here are just some of the ways that life might feel contradictory during COVID: We’re all in this together (which is comforting) AND our experience of this is different (which can leave us feeling [...]

Now is the Time for Connection Not Perfection

Usually when we’re wading our way through something so draining and life changing, there’s someone we can turn to for a pep talk, a vent or a big cry. What’s tricky though is that at least some of your support network is also likely to be experiencing the same struggles [...]

It’s Not Me, it’s You: Couples, COVID and Coping in Survival Mode

It’s not me, it’s you. It’s not you, it’s me. Are there parts of your partner that really get on your nerves? Ways that they behave or personality traits that you just can’t stand? When this happens be curious about whether you are actually “seeing” a part of yourself in [...]

How Journalling Can Boost Your Mental Health + Prompts to Get You Started

Here are some of the ways that journalling can boost your mental health: The act of writing can help us to understand what’s happening around us. When we can make sense of things, even if we don’t want or like what’s happening, we can feel a little calmer and little [...]

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