How Getting Back to Basics Will Help You Through COVID-19

How Getting Back to Basics Will Help You Through COVID-19 Self-care is something we're passionate about here at Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology, not just for our clients, but for us as psychologists too. We believe self-care is the foundation of good mental health and healthy relationships - now more than [...]

Grounding and Compassion for Uncertain Times

The text below comes from an audio exercise that we created to help us to feel more grounded, connection and compassionate during such uncertain times. You can access the audio file on the resources page on our website here. At times like we’re experiencing at the moment it’s common to [...]

Calm Your Body and Your Mind with these Grounding Exercises

Grounding exercises are used to help bring us back into the present moment. These techniques can be used in many different situations, like when we’re feeling “spacey”, anxious or overwhelmed. They can be used when we are distracted by unhelpful or distressing thoughts, memories or impulses. Or if we’re experiencing [...]

A Simple Way to Bring a Little Self-Compassion Into Your Life

This week (October 7th to October 13th) is Mental Health Week. To celebrate we got together with gorgeous Kate and Lauren from Little Jar of Happiness and The Vibe Tribe to chat about the ins and outs of self-compassion. We've made some notes below for anyone who wants to find ways [...]