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    All of our psychologists are LGBTQIA+ affirmative, but if you would like to work with someone who also has specific training and experience in working with these communities, please tick this box and we'll ensure you're matched with someone who is suitable.Yes, I would like to be matched with a psychologist trained and experienced with LGBTQIA+ communities.

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    When people are wanting sex therapy, it's good to know which areas would you like assistance with.*

    When people mention drug and alcohol issues we ask a few extra questions. This information is really helpful in assisting us to figure out whether our clinic is the best place for you to get support.

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    Please tell us a little about what is bringing you and your partner in. For example, conflict resolution, infidelity, improving communication, parenting or navigating change.*

    Can you provide us with any additional information about the bipolar symptoms you experience and how long you've been experiencing them for? For example, have you been diagnosed with bipolar type 1, bipolar type 2, cyclothymia or some other type of bipolar related condition?*

    Have you experienced any manic or hypomanic episodes and if so, when was the most recent episode?*

    What physical health condition(s) are you experiencing and how long have you been experiencing symptoms?*

    Are you linked in with a medical specialist?*

    What type of addiction are you experiencing? For example, we have clients who seek help for issues related to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, hoarding and gaming.*

    Have you had an assessment? If so, please provide details.*

    Can you tell us a bit about the nature of the sexual difficulties you are experiencing?*

    Are you linked in with a medical specialist?*

    When clients mention they are wanting help with an eating disorder we ask a few extra questions. This information is really helpful in assisting us to figure out whether our clinic is the best place for you to get support.

    How long have you had eating disorder symptoms?*

    Have you received treatment in the past?*

    If yes, can you tell us who with - for example, a psychologist, psychiatrist or hospital-based treatment?

    Are eating disorder symptoms the main reason you are seeking therapy, or is there something else that feels more pressing or concerning?*

    Are you currently seeing a dietician?*

    When clients mention anger management we like to ask a few extra questions to help us to figure out whether our clinic is the best place for you to get support.

    Can you let us know more about the specific issues you are having with your anger?*

    Has your anger ever resulted in you being violent? Please provide more information if so.*

    Please provide some more information about your concerns around obsessions and compulsions.*

    What type of phobia do you have? For example, needle phobia, phobia of heights or phobia of small spaces.*

    Are your psychosis symptoms current or past? Can you tell us a little bit about the types of symptoms you experience?*

    Are you currently seeing a psychiatrist?*

    Please provide the name of your psychiatrist, how long you have been seeing them, how often you see them and the main reason you see them.*

    Have you previously been hospitalised for reasons related to your mental health?*

    Please let us know when you were admitted and the circumstances of your admission.*

    Are you currently taking any medication for your mental health?*

    Please let us know the type, dose and how long you have been taking this medication, as well as the reasons this has been prescribed for you.*

    Has your GP or psychiatrist ever diagnosed you with a mental health issue?*

    Please provide some brief details about the diagnosis you were given.*

    Please let us know if there is any other information that you think it would be helpful for us to know when matching you up with one of our psychologists.

    Do you have a Medicare referral/GP letter/Mental Health Treatment Plan?

    If yes, what is the name of your GP and/or your GP clinic?

    What is the date of your referral or letter?

    If you have already used sessions with another psychologist, how many have you used since 1st January this year?
    If you are unsure about this you would need to speak with Medicare (Ph: 132 011) and bring this information along to your first session.

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